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Life Cafe 983 – Personal Impressions

Troy Houldin

By John Sunderland, Artist at the Bar

On Exhibition
May 2011

Troy Houldin is the May artist at Life Café in Bushwick. I met him one early morning at the beginning of May when he came to the café to set up his exhibition of paintings and three-dimensional pieces.

Outside it was grey and miserable but Troy was in tee shirt and flip-flops sporting the deep tan he’d picked up during his winter working in the British Virgin Islands.

Troy strikes you as a young man who enjoys life- a life he appears to be very much in control of;  like his paintings. At first sight they appear to be abstract and random; painted fragments of this and that, repeated letter forms and numbers, clouds and planks of colour, patterns arranged in textural and tonal swaths and slices painted in colors straight out of a toy shop; a ragbag of shapes and forms collected from the the works, painted on board, are each individual and complete yet when viewed
collectively, patterns and rhythms appear. It’s then you discover nothing is random
or abstract here, like looking at a form of pictorial jazz in which dissonance and
dislocation comes round to square the visual circle.  Every mark, every line, every
colour, far from being random or chance comes together in his work as part of an
overall pleasing balance.

When I asked him what he’d been doing in the Caribbean over the winter he said he’d being doing construction, I wasn’t surprised; seemed like he’d been using a paintbrush as well as a hammer.

Troy Houldin’s Paintings and Works are on view throughout May at Life Café, 983Flushing Avenue, Bushwick, Brooklyn.