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Thursday, November 10 @ Life Cafe 983 Balvenie Tasting Event

By Andy Mills, The Beer Dude.

Balvenie Scotch Tasting, Thursday, November 10th, 2011 from 8-10 pm.

Brooklyn has never been on the forefront of any movement at all that I’m aware of concerning the distillation of whiskey.  Fortunately, however, we Brooklynites don’t feel the same way about drinking it.  I’ve seen cocktail lists as well as ordered wholesale alcohol for establishments on both sides of the East River, and the most obvious thing that hit me was the fact that Brooklyn drinks whiskey.  I love Brooklyn.

Here at Life Café 983, we embrace this.  I called the Balvenie Distillery in Speyside, Scotland and they’ve agreed to jump onboard.  We’ve invited members of the distillery to the restaurant on Thursday, November 10 from 8-10pm to help us throw a party to celebrate Brooklyn’s love of whiskey.  Swing through at 8 pm to catch the start.  It shouldn’t last much longer than 9 pm, so come early.  We’ll be featuring free tastes from various whiskies ranging from their 12-year single malt the whole way up to the 21-year.  It’s important not to miss this if you love whiskey.

Talking about whiskey, let’s consider longevity and the oldest lady on the street.  Life Café 983 has been around since 2002 making us one of the more mature restaurant/bars in the Bushwick/East Williamsburg area (if not the oldest).  However, imagine being in business since 1893.  That’s the year Balvenie bottled their first whisky. (Makes me feel really damn young.)  Like most Speyside whiskies, Balvenie can be described as being on the sweet and subtle side for a scotch, lacking the peaty characteristics of Highland and Islay whiskies.  Having said that, the surprising thing about drinking Balvenie whiskeys is the relation between the drinker and the scotch. It all comes down to personal taste and things can go in all kinds of directions from there.

Watch this glass! In the next day or two I’ll write more on the specific whiskies we’ll be pouring at the event. So study up. Knowledge enhances appreciation and enjoyment. Get ready for this Thursday, November 10 from 8-10pm.