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Spooky Drink Specials at Life Cafe 983 AND East Village

October 29 – November 2

Let the Halloween shenanigans ensue! We’ve got this year’s creepiest


Eyeball Martini – $8

Gin, Grenadine, served in a martini glass, topped with Champagne & garnished with the eyeballs of anyone who doesn’t vote NOV 2!
Brain Hemorrhage – $4
Peach Schnapps,  Irish Cream and a drizzle of Grenadine
Blood Bath – $8
Vodka, red wine, Chambord, cranberry juice, served in a brandy snifter
And don’t worry… for the squeamish we have you covered too….dessert in a drink– YUM we’ll have three!
Pumpkin Martini – $9
Pumpkin pie mix, brandy custard sauce, Stoli Vanil, served in a Martini Glass
Eyeball Martini

Eyeball Martini