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Best Wings in Brooklyn for Super Bowl at Life Café 983

Starting at 6 pm, we’re having a Super Bowl (shown on two TV’s) Sunday party at Life Café 983 in Bushwick and guess what? We expect to sell a LOT of our famous chicken wings, you know, the recipe that won the “Best Wings of Brooklyn 2011” contest last February.

There’ll be $2 PBR/Bud/Bud Light, $2 well whiskey shots and $10 pitchers of Brooklyn Lager to go along with them. And for added fun, randomly throughout .the game, we’ll announce funky drink specials that last only 10 minutes.

We’re also offering our popular chips and salsa for $3 and for $2 more you can have Hector’s Spicy Cheese Dip.

You’ll also likely find us testing a new rendition of our famous Veggie Chili. So give it a try too!

I find it interesting that chicken wings are so popular during Super Bowl so I did a little research about them. Here’s a few facts:

It’s estimated there will be 1.25 billion eaten this weekend.

US Dept. of Agriculture says that Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest food consumption day of the year behind Thanksgiving and chicken wings are on just about every menu.

The National Chicken Council (NCC) says that Super Bowl weekend is the biggest time of the year for wings. Those 1.25 billion wings total more than 100 million pounds of wings.

If the wings were laid end-to-end they would circle the circumference of the Earth more than twice, a distance that would just about reach a quarter of the way to the moon.

According to NCC Sr. Vice Pres. Bill Roenigk, chicken wings will be consumed by three times the number of American on Super Bowl Sunday than a typical Sunday throughout the year. About half of those will be ordered from restaurants.

A chicken has two wings and chicken companies are not able to produce wings without the rest of the chicken. Therefore, the supply of wings is limited by the total number of chickens produced. When the demand for wings is stronger than the demand for other chicken parts, the price of wings will go up.

While I find these facts interesting, I’m sure none of them impress most chickens.