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East Village Riddle Raffle JUNE 4 – JUNE 11

Answer: Beef it up!

Artists’ comment by John Sunderland.
There’s something about the way that cattle seem to look at the world, with complete complacency and acceptance. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see
a cow drifting by, chewing the cud, suspended irrationally in the sky, as though it was the most normal way for a cow to get about.
The thing about surreal illustrations is that they have to be well executed, this image is not quite there. I would like to try it again as a painting and take more time over it. I have alway had trouble with cows!

983 Riddle Raffle JUNE 4- JUNE 11


Gammon is an English name for thick cut bacon- bacon is the flesh of a pig- and this is the back of a pig! Hence Backgammon. I’ve been told that Americans don’t know or use the word ‘Gammon’ apart from in the sense
of BackGammon the game. Well you learn something new everyday folks!
However for that fact, on the Obscurity chart, this ranks a 7, that doesn’t count if you are European in which case the obscurity level would be a  one or two.
Cheers, John, the Old Yorkshireman in New York.

983 Riddle Raffle MAY 29- JUNE 4

‘LEMON CHEESECAKE’ artists’ note, by John Sunderland.

Cheeky huh! I Iooked in our fridge the other day and there was this lonely lemon sat on a shelf, and coincidentally, at Life Cafe Bushwick we had Lemon Cheesecake on the menu…so.
Clues wise, ‘Cheesecake’ was the generic term used for the kind of glamour illustrations and calendar photos that my dad would used to have in his office. So here is my
image of a sexy lemon inspired by the blonde and lovely, ‘Miss April’ from 1961. ( I am currently being investigated by the anti-sexism organization for exploitation of citrus fruit. Obscurity level, I give it a 3 on a scale of 10.

983 Riddle Raffle: MAY 21- MAY 28

‘FRENCH KISS’ The picture riddle from the East Village, first week in June, 2010  artists’ note by John Sunderland

The inspiration for ‘French Kiss’ came from my memories of my first French Greeting- being kissed on both sides of  the face by a french person, (rather than the french kiss, full on back of the throat job).
In this illustration, the clues are; the embarrassed look on the young man’s face, (I remember what that felt like coming from a shy English background). The chap is intentionally wimpish, the french rail ticket in his pocket tells you where he is, the red-white and blue cravat, could be English, could be French. However on the obscurity level I think it ranks a 7 from a possible 10 and if you got it, you must be a genius, congratulations!

'french kiss'

'french kiss'

New Riddle Raffle @ Life Cafe 983

Can you guess what menu item this represents?  Come in and submit your answer and you may win a bottle of champagne or other prizes.

New Riddle Raffle – Life Cafe 983