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The once vibrant East Village art scene that moved out to Brooklyn in the 1990s is again back in the East Village through the Bushwick Bridge.

Since its inception in 2002 Life Café 983 has been showcasing the art of the large and expanding population of local artists. These shows have become a popular feature of café life and a living focus of our community-minded outlook. They’ve become so popular that there’s now a queue of artists booked months in advance to exhibit their work in our informal and relaxed setting.

To help further support our local artists we’ve created the Bushwick Bridge. We invite selected artists to bring a sampling of their work for show at the East Village Life Café. And for those interested in buying and collecting the art of emerging Bushwick artists, The Bridge is a way to experience the original, fresh and exciting work of Brooklyn’s up and coming art in Manhattan, work that for one reason or another may have never made it into the New York gallery scene.

The transfer of Bushwick art to the East Village through The Bushwick Bridge is proving very successful, delighting our patrons who have no idea what will show up next in our deliberately eclectic exhibits. And for our artists, at the very least, it means that they can notch up the fact that they exhibited in Manhattan.

If you’re interested in showing your work at either or both Café’s, or for more information, please contact

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Photography has been a hobby for as long as Janine Dupree can remember and for the most part is entirely self-taught. She credits her ability to learn the craft to her father, who always challenged her to look at the world from a slightly different perspective.


In addition to taking photos whenever she can, Janine works full time as a corporate event manager, organizing conferences and meetings throughout the United States. Although she has stated that she will always be a Philadelphian at heart, she currently claims New York City as her home.

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I’m Al Benkin, a 21st century punk folk artist.  I paint stories through my perspective being a queer punk with vagabond tendencies, a crush on life and the unknown.

The meat of my work is humans interacting, living and struggling in this time: HERE AND NOW. Layers of comedy, tragedy, love, rebellion, transcendence, perversity, timelessness, and communication without words is what I want to convey and practice doing.

Found objects , like broken guitars, scraps of wood metal and plastic are canvases as well as happy ghosts. Their history inspires me to trace the cracks, glue, nail, screw, paint and manipulate it all together and have it metamorphosize into it’s new self.