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Art Life – Marcelo Zissu



Marcelo Zissu, has an Italian name, with roots in Romania, born in Brazil and current living in New York. This artist known about town by his gypsy way of life is proud about having only the amount of stuff that fits in his backpack.

His artwork reflects about the paradox between love and hate.  A loose yet lucid line work divides these extremes, punctuated by the black and white scheme he uses for the Rorshach Test Series.  Marcelo’s work shows his fascination and repulsion with the human race’s multifaceted value system.

Marcelo hybridizes the past and future, creating a mysterious world that has to be built every single day from zero. Obsessions, desires, fears, dreams and secrets can became clear through the different layers of perceptions of his images.

ART AGAINST GREED – what can YOU do?

I am thinking, I would like to offer the suspended Life Cafe East Village space to artists, poets, writers, performers who in the Life Cafe tradition have something to say about the current economic situation. While the Cafe is in Limbo, I am prepared to offer up my space (and bar) for events around the theme “Art Against Greed”. Submit your ideas to This is happening to us for a reason! -Kathy Life

Jeff Madrick at NY Ethical Society Oct. 2, 2011