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Texas by way of Life Cafe 983

Life Café 983’s Texas Burger will remind you why you love burgers.  The Texas Burger is an 8-oz beef patty with Life’s special seasonings on a perfectly grilled sesame seed bun.  It’s smothered with melted cheddar cheese, three crispy bacon strips AND to top it off, a fried egg!  You get fresh lettuce, red onions and pickles on the side.

This particular Specialty Burger is hard to handle with one hand.  Every bite is an explosion of wholesome goodness; yolk oozes out of your mouth and the sound of crunchy bacon travels across the room.  It could be a little messy, but as Anthony Bourdain would  say, “You can’t be afraid to work for your food – you gotta get in there.” It’s also served with delicious, crispy-brown, seasoned house fries for the perfect accompaniment. Without a doubt, you won’t be hungry after this meal!