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983 Riddle Raffle MAY 29- JUNE 4
‘LEMON CHEESECAKE’ artists’ note, by John Sunderland.

Cheeky huh! I Iooked in our fridge the other day and there was this lonely lemon sat on a shelf, and coincidentally, at Life Cafe Bushwick we had Lemon Cheesecake on the menu…so.
Clues wise, ‘Cheesecake’ was the generic term used for the kind of glamour illustrations and calendar photos that my dad would used to have in his office. So here is my
image of a sexy lemon inspired by the blonde and lovely, ‘Miss April’ from 1961. ( I am currently being investigated by the anti-sexism organization for exploitation of citrus fruit. Obscurity level, I give it a 3 on a scale of 10.