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What is NAKED MUSIC at Life Cafe?

Dear NAKED Fans,

The Naked Music Series is a very sweet mic-free acoustic music concert series that’s been running since 2007 on Monday nights. They recently moved to Life Cafe on E. 10th St. and Ave. B for the next few months. Our host is Dana, your dressed Naked Angel. Performances usually start at 8 pm. There’s a $5 food/drink minimum, and you’re going to want more once you taste the delicious food. otherwise, no cover. Visit their NAKED blog at for more info.

Look Who’s Playing NAKED at Life Cafe:

Feb. 2 Robert Gary
Feb. 9 Kagero
Feb. 16 Chris Frank
Feb. 23 Open
March 9 Copasetic
March 16 Kaiku

There will be a second artist on each Monday as well. Keep in touch.

LIFE CAFÉ BUSHWICK does the Inauguration & Martin Luther King Jr. Day


Join Life Cafe 983 in Brooklyn in celebration of the beginning of a new era in the U.S. with a throwback to some classic American traditions. Monday, January 19 and Tuesday, January 20.

BRUNCH served on Monday, January 19, 11 am to 5 pm.

We’re featuring All-American specials.
Watch HD television and sound for all the festivities.

— Get kicked started with a Bloody Mary and our famous Huevos Rancheros at brunch & breakfast.
— Enjoy an American Hot Dog and Fries with all the fixin’s all day each day.
— Chase down this classic American dish with a draft of Ale to the Chief, a special Inaugural microbrew by Avery Brewing out of Boulder, Colorado. (Andy Mills, our tireless bar manager secured the last keg in all of New York City!!! First come first served!)
— Compliment the delicious draft with an Apple Pie shot ($3).
— And if you’re feeling extra patriotic, have a Bud and shot of whiskey for $5.
— Better yet, have a bottle of Blithering Idiot, a barley wine by Weyerbaucher Brewery out of Pennsylvania, to toast you-know-what or to just say “Bye Bye” to you-know-who!

Jolly good, fine, super then, Ale to the Chief!
See you Monday and Tuesday.



BRUNCH on Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Join us for an extra day of brunch – the best brunch in the East Village, 10 am – 4:30 pm
Monday, January 19, 2009


New Art Exhibit – New Riddle Art Contest (Can you do it? Are you up to it?)
Weekly Riddle Raffle (just a reminder)

NEW ART EXHIBIT — Menu Riddle Gallery
An exhibition from a selection of the best from two years of our favorite John Sunderland Menu Riddle Art from both Life Cafes.
On display twice a month, the first and third Thursdays, January to May. Works available for sale.

These works are from our collection of weekly Picture Riddles based on items in the menus from both Life Cafés. THE ANSWERS ARE GIVEN! THE RIDDLES RESOLVED!

But we’re not letting you off the hook yet…the three pictures carry a common theme. Guess the common theme among them & win….

A bottle of champagne & a complimentary meal for two

Entry into a special raffle – Grand prize: an original commission
John will produce an original commission based on a riddle theme suggested by the winners (or a pastel portrait if preferred).

All you need to do is put your answer on a comment card & drop it in the box. We’ll pick winners on Thursdays when John changes the show.

John holds his “Master Class” in Riddle Art early afternoon every Thursday at the E. Village Café when he creates his original, surreal illustrations. Come watch.

WEEKLY RIDDLE RAFFLE (don’t forget it)
Each week on Thursdays at both Life Cafes we feature an original illustration by John Sunderland. Often bizarre and surreal, the images are our pictorial riddles – the answers to which you are invited to guess. The basis for the pictures and the source of inspiration comes from any item or term on any of our menus. Each week the Raffle is drawn and new winners can come to Life to claim their prize – A FREE BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE – to enjoy at the Café (we will email you). To enter, simply write your answer on a comment card with your contact info and pass it on to a member of our lovely staff.



Breakfast/Lunch Deals are back
Due to popular demand and based on common sense, the much loved two eggs special and pancakes platter for $4.25 have returned. So has the cup of soup and ½ sandwich for $5.95. From 10 am — 4:30 pm Monday through Friday for a limited time.

Inauguration Day All-day Celebration
We’ve waited 8 long years for this moment. Life Café presents: 2009: A New Life (and Yes — we can!)

Double QUIZZO this week (Tuesday, Jan. 20 and Thursday, Jan. 22) @ 9 pm
With our very funny and very charming hosts, Harith Abdullah and Jon Schubin.
They appear twice this week for a very special Inauguration Edition & their regular Thursday

1st Prize — $30 off bar tab
2nd Prize — $15 off bar tab
3rd Prize – a signature Life Café logo tote bag
Inauguration QUIZZO Night Random Question Prize – a bottle of Ommengang Rare VOS (A Belgian-style Abbey Ale)

All Day Long at Life Cafe
Free Margarita Bar (one per customer please)
Brooklyn Lager and Magic Hat at 1985 prices — $3 a pint
(let’s see what the new Prez pulls out of HIS hat!)
Buy any entrée and get a homemade dessert on us

Heard at Life Cafe

“Life is like a box of chocolates.”

“Life isn’t what you make it all the time…sometime it gets lost in the baking!”

We love reading the comments you all make on our comments cards. Keep them coming.

Last month the hubby and I got a 5:45 am call from central station alarm — the alarm went off at the East Village Cafe. Read our John’s story below about the incident….he writes and posts his work on Go there and see his art and other great fun writing….

REAL LIFE ALARM. Installment 1. by john sunderland
My regular reports of my life as an owner of Life Cafe in the East Village of New York.

REAL LIFE ALARM. Installment 1.

One of the worst things that can happen to a restaurant/bar owner is when the phone rings in the deepest and darkest part of the night. It usually happens when you’re so asleep, you could have your legs amputated and not know till you fall out of bed the next morning.
For me that time is around 4.30am, just the time that the phone rang last night.My wife and I live in Bushwick, a part of Brooklyn and a 15 minute high speed drive into Manhattans’ East Village where our place is.
When the phone rang last night, it was my wife (we co-own the place) who was first out of bed. My eyes and mouth both open with a “Oh f*” knowing what the call is likely to be about. Then she’s back into the bedroom from the office where she took the call, and pulling on her clothes. I follow, and ask her what’s the report?
As I guessed it’s from the alarm company who told her the alarm has been set off and it’s “Zone 4’. That sends a chill through both of us, as it’s the back entrance, a cause for worry!
It’s 4.45am on Saturday morning. We’re both now in our old Volvo estate car, and shooting down the road, at speed. My wife is the best driver in New York, so I have to believe. When I first came to live with her in the city I was so scared by her New York driving that I believed the romance was doomed, either metaphorically or physically. (I’m an emigre Yorkshireman and the last place I lived in England was populated by sheep and occasional tractors.)
When we race in for an alarm call, she doesn’t stop for red-lights. When I point out that this is just the time of night that late revellers are going home, drunk and driving- and we’re shooting the lights, she says she’ll tell the police we are on our way to an alarm call. I’m not thinking of them, I’m thinking of the legitamate complaints from drivers who have just slammed into us and killed us! Besides that chance of violent death we’re speeding our way to confront thieves who have possibly broken into our place and are now, as we drive, looting our liquor cellar and checking their weapons!
Minutes earlier, as we cross the Williamsburgh Bridge from Brooklyn over the East River, the alarm people told her that they’ve notified the police. But that’s no comfort to us as we have no expectation that they will be there when we arrive. Sure enough, when the old Volvo containing us two old people arrive- there are no police to be seen.Once again it’s just adrenalin pumped Kath and me, 58 year olds, with no idea when we pull up the roller shutters and open the door to the dark interior, what we are going to find inside!
(What happened inside -in the next entry).